Mushrooms naturally exist in our environment and they constitute a real godsend for our health. Mycotherapy is recognized as a separate discipline. Mushrooms are considered as «long life food products». Numerous studies have prooved the positive effects of Mycotherapy.


Reputation: Mycotherapy does not always receive a real enthusiasm as a natural product through therapists and dietitians, unlike the phytotherapy which is recognized by the medicinal community and appreciated by the public. We undervalue the real curative capacities of mycotherapy.

Utilisation: Mycotherapy offers dried mushrooms formulas or an extract of capsule which is the result of an extraction of the mushroom’s active molecules. The most used mushrooms in mycotherapy are reishi, maitake, shiitake, and Agaricus.


Mushrooms used in mycotherapy have a naturally balanced composition and these mushrooms are particularly high in vital substances such as essentials amino acids, minerals and trace elements. These natural substances are benefiting from a good assimilation by the body and are suitable as preventive or even therapeutic use.

Our trading company is very demanding on the quality of the products cultivated above ground and in greenhouse.

Each batch is controlled by AGROLAB laboratories on 500 heavy metals, pesticides, ionization, radioactivity, and radiation.